about the panoramas


Ulf has been producing panoramas for several decades starting with view cameras and analog film. Then moving on to digital stitching with computers. No longer content to simply make large prints, that visually fall apart as one moves closer, it is now possible to use digital photography to combine hundreds or thousands of frames to produce ultra high resolution seamless prints of large size with detail that holds up to close inspection. When the viewer moves closer - more is visible.

This has become an obsession of sorts with all of the work.

Many of the panoramas have been produced as commissions and are installed as framed archival pigment prints, typically 3-5 meters long by 160 cm wide, which is the maximum width of existing archival pigment printers.

This presentation on the web site is limited of course by the size of the computer display and so can not give the experience that the print delivers, but is simply an introduction and a partial catalogue of the work.

Many images can be enlarged if first clicked on...